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Periodontics / Implants

Dental Cleanings

Did you know that most tooth loss in people over the age of 35 is caused by periodontal disease? It's true - periodontal disease is the main cause of losing the bone that holds your teeth in place. When the disease becomes severe enough, teeth get loose enough to eventually fall out.

Fortunately, all of this can be combated with good hygiene habits. Brushing and flossing as recommended is essential, and so is getting your cleanings at the frequency your Dentist recommends to keep your gums healthy. The goal is to suppress the periodontal disease by staying on a schedule of basic preventative cleanings, which is the healthiest and most affordable long-term plan.

If you haven't had the best habits in the past, don't worry – Dr. Christina Jordan Webb Family Dentistry can get you on track in the healthiest and most affordable way. If the periodontal disease has advanced beyond what a basic prophylactic cleaning can treat, but hasn't progressed to the point of needing surgery, the best defense is to perform a "scaling and root planing" procedure (also known as a "deep cleaning"). This procedure, when followed by timely periodontal maintenance visits and strict brushing and flossing habits, is aimed to prevent gum surgery, and can sometimes do so indefinitely.

On your full examination visit, Dr. Christina Jordan Webb will inform you of what the next course of action to keep your gums healthy should be. At Dr, Christina Jordan Webb Family Dentistry, you will have high confidence in their diagnoses because, you'll know exactly what they know.

Dr. Christina Jordan Webb Family Dentistry always does their best to utilize any availability in their schedule while delivering a quality cleaning.

Laser Gum Surgery

If your gum-pockets have grown too deep and you've been diagnosed for gum surgery, there's now a less invasive solution! Laser gum therapy, known as LANAP, is a new procedure that uses a laser to treat infected tissue and then allows the mouth and gums to heal. Laser therapy is a great advancement because you don't need to cut away gum tissue as with traditional gum surgery. This means you will experience much less discomfort and swelling, with shorter recovery times. Dr. Christina Jordan Webb is among the very few dentists (less than 1%) who are trained and licensed to perform LANAP.

LANAP successfully treats moderate to severe gum disease and can specifically help you if you would like to keep your own natural teeth and will commit to a periodontal maintenance program. Call Dr. Christina Jordan Webb Family Dentistry today for an exam and consultation to see if you are a candidate for LANAP.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are fast becoming the preferred way to replace a natural tooth. With a dental implant, there are two parts: a titanium post and a crown (or cap). The titanium post fuses to your jawbone in a process called osseointegration. With the healing process, the post becomes part of your jaw, creating an anchor for the crown. This gives your implant the strength of a healthy, natural tooth.

Dr. Christina Jordan Webb is a specialist in placing dental implants and will design your crown based upon your preferences and aesthetic desires. Once your new implant is fully healed and the crown placed, it will function and feel exactly like the original tooth. Although implants are meant to last a lifetime, they need care just like a natural tooth.

Contact Dr. Christina Jordan Webb Family Dentistry to schedule an exam and consultation for a dental implant or learn more about the process.

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